Monday, November 5, 2007

George Bush's "Pig Pen" Effect

He's that curious Schultz character continually in a cloud of dirt. Reminds me much of George W. Seems his entire life has been a dirt ball of one sort or another. Everything that both lads touched turned to ruin.

Cartoon creator Charles Schultz penned these words in defense of the sooty boy: "Don't think of it as dust. Just think of it as the dirt and dust of far-off lands blowing over here and settling on Pig-Pen! It staggers the imagination! He may be carrying the soil that was trod upon by Solomon or Nebuchadnezzar or Genghis Khan!"

Indeed it may. Then again, it might just be fool's dust, of, by and from a fool.

Today it's Pakistan's Pervez Muschariff; a few years ago it was Saddam Hussein. Where is Osama bin Laden? Can't forget Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Oh, and Valdimir Putin.

Wouldn't this make a great new episode for all of the Peanuts Gang?

Sadly, we can't turn off the DVD. Nope. Pig Pen is for real and he's with us for another whole year. Lord knows what other misadventures the little ne'erdowell rascal will get into with all that time to play with.

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