Monday, November 5, 2007

American Election Reform

It seems to me that it is about time that American elections
are won for the people and not bought by the corporations
and wealthy interests groups. Here are some suggestions
that are worthy of consideration. It seems to me that there
needs to be a complete package of election reform measures.
Just one or two reforms will not correct our election efforts.

The measures are:

No PAC monies;
No corporation monies;
Mandatory public campaign funding;
Only 40% of campaign contributions can be from outside the candidate's district;
No gifts or monies from lobbyists or private interests seeking favorable legislation;
Public officeholders forbidden from any lobbying for 8 years after serving;
Term limits;
Members cannot vote themselves pay raises.

These are up for discussion. Please contribute your thoughts on the massive
political corruption on all levels of government and what we need to accomplish
for clean and honest politicians. Make additions to the above list, too........

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