Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Evangelical Regrets His Bush Vote Seven Years Too Late

Evangelicals losing faith in President is the title of a letter to the editor of The Blade on this election day. He begins:

"Millions of evangelicals around the United States are beginning to lose faith in our President. He has taken a position that is not consistent with biblical teaching."

He goes on to say,

"President Bush at times has been out of touch with what is really happening and what people are thinking, especially in the evangelical and Bible belts in our country. This lack of understanding and not being open to other people's views will certainly be the downfall of the Republican Party, not only now but more importantly in November, 2008."

The letter writer apparently had an epiphany, albeit 7 years too late. He now worries about 'the aggression and killing of innocent people' in Iraq. "Mr. Bush...will be held accountable for his actions and decisions that continue to cost the lives of thousands of people without regard to the wishes of the American people and the citizens of this world."

While I applaud his confession, I cannot forgive his sin. The Bible Belt to which he refers and the evangelicals there and here in Ohio put him into office in 2000 and then re-elected him in 2004 after watching him lie to the American people about the 'mushroom cloud' and 'uranium from Africa.'

Millions of Americans were not fooled by the naive governor back in 2000 and millions more knew, four years later, that he was clearly a jackass and incompetent leader of our nation.

Yet, these Bible Belt-ers and evangelicals marched lock-step to the voting booths and mindlessly checked off the box of the 'right-to-life' candidate who, as the author of today's letter finally admits, 'cost the lives of thousands of people.' Or a million.

That's what we get from one-issue voters. Scoundrels like Bush and Cheney depend on these one-issue voters to be duped into believing the rhetoric. No doubt, today as I type this post, some person is marking their 'X' because of some issue unrelated to governance.

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