Friday, April 4, 2008

And Then What, Mr. McCain?

Senator John McCain has been touring all of the places that were important to him for his resume for president. Lots of flags, guns and bombs. Third generation Navy man. The POW footage tugs at one's heart as does his courage in not being released until all of his men had been.

If you were waiting for the 2nd round, the part after Vietnam, sorry- end of show. Apparently what Americans need to know about John McCain is all in the Vietnam story. It brings to mind 2004 and the John Kerry story- 'Reporting for duty.' Been there, saw that.

What did he do from 1973 to today? Is that important to help determine whether he led a life worthy of applause or commendation? That's 45 years of his adulthood. What's the rest of the story, Mr. McCain? It's a good opening act, but the audience wants to see the entire show not just Act 1.

For example, why are you not supporting the new GI Bill before Congress [(S.22 in the Senate, H.R.2702 in the House- the one that offers greater benefits to service men and women after they have served? The bill, sponsored by veteran Jim Webb and by several other Senate and House veterans, affords more money to returning service men and women as compensation for that service. Is it the money, Mr. McCain? Should those retruning members of our Armed Forces just be glad they are home? Is that enough reward? Are you worrried about the money? The government gravy train?

Surely, after Act 1, you ought to have a little empathy for the veterans serving in today's combat missions. You say that you haven't had time to read through it. Oh really? Too busy on that Straight Talk Express? Or is it all about 'excessive government spending?'

A man's character is not determined by what he once was or did, it is in how he lives his life. The American people aren't that dumb.

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