Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bush Flees Country During Crisis

The sad warmonger-in-chief is now in Ukraine to pay them back for joining that two-bit Coalition of the Willing. He wants to help them join NATO to payback Putin for 'misunderstanding' the great relationship they once had down on the ranch.

Floods, tornadoes and drought cause havoc for his citizens so he flies away. The mortgage crisis consumes middle American families and he and Laura fly to Europe. The dollar is in free-fall, oil prices zoom, Americans watch energy and food prices rise while their take-home pay remains flat. Medical costs spiral out of sight and medical insurance eats deeply into wallets. The Bush War saps $12 billion tax dollars each month while local governments make more and more cuts in their services. George Bush leaves on a jet plane.

He never could face problems that require more than dropping a bomb or shooting frogs on the family pond. And the American people elected him twice? They ought to have their voting rights stripped until they can pass a citizenship test.

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