Friday, April 4, 2008

Senate Republicans Kill Plan To Aid Homeowners In Foreclosure

Compassionate conservatism at it's very best:

WASHINGTON - Republicans and business-friendly Democrats on Thursday scuttled a plan to give people threatened with losing their homes more leverage in winning favorable loan terms from their lenders in bankruptcy courts.

The Senate killed the bankruptcy plan by a 58-36 vote on a bill designed to boost the slumping housing market.

The Democratic-backed bankruptcy law changes, opposed by banks, their GOP allies and a few Democrats, would have given judges power to cut interest rates and principal on troubled mortgages to help desperate borrowers trapped in subprime mortgages keep their homes.


Billions for Bear Stearns but not a dime for an American homeowner. Billions for oil companies, but not one dollar for troubled citizens. That's the story here in America. Anybody smell fascism in the air?

Not one Republican voted for this legislation: not one. Joe 'I'm not a Republican' Lieberman voted with his GOP buddies. Has Connecticut begin the recall petition for this fraud yet?

Today's Republican Party: making sure that those who have, get even more.

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