Thursday, April 3, 2008

Impotent Bush Leaves NATO Tail Tucked Between Legs

Collateral damage from his war. Sorry, Ukraine and Georgia, even though you were wonderful members of the Coalition of the Willing assembled by George Bush, the other NATO members don't care too very much for your pal, George.

BBC: NATO denies Georgia and Ukraine
NATO says it will not yet put former Soviet republics Georgia and Ukraine on the path to membership. NATO has confirmed it will not yet offer membership to Georgia or Ukraine after the 26-member alliance was split amid strong objections from Russia.

Russia? Oh, THAT Russia- Mr. Putin, whose very soul the naive governor of Texas examined down on the ranch early on. Odd stuff; odd president.

Apparently the world has had enough of George W. Bush. They, as we, are just waiting breathlessly for his departure in January 2009. We all have our fingers crossed that the man doesn't pull another major blunder in his waning days.

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