Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Surge is Work....... Iraqi casualties at highest level since mid-2007

YahooNews reports:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Violent civilian deaths in Iraq climbed to their highest level since mid-2007, Iraqi government figures showed on Tuesday, due to a spike in violence between Iraq security forces and Mehdi Army militia fighters.

A total of 923 civilians died violently in March, up 31 percent from February and the deadliest month since August 2007, according to figures released by Iraq's interior, defense and health ministries.


"The surge is working," touts John McCain, stuck holding the bag for George Bush. 'Working' is a vaccuous word that remains ill-defined, although it slips easily off both warmongers' lips. Working as in U.S. casualties are down? Working as in stabilizes the government? Working as in protects the occupied citizens as the Geneva Convention requires of the occupiers?

That phony claim of McCain ought to soon bite him in the ass as more Americans come to understand that nothing we have done in 5 years has 'worked.'

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