Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cheney's Buddies- Oil Executives To Lie to Congress Today

They really ought to demand testimony from Dick Cheney when they testify before Congress today. After all, Dick Cheney promised them carte blanch back in 2001 during that highly-secretive Energy Summit Cheney convened.

Now the oil execs have to swear under oath that they are not gouging the American public. They surely will skillfully defend the $18 billion tax rebate they receive, just the way their high-paid lawyers have coached them. "But, senator, we are constantly looking for new sources of oil and that tax exemption helps us secure the energy that we need to keep our nation safe!" Or some such bullshit.

Odd that other companies do their own R&D with their own money, but the oil companies want tax breaks for it. Probably because Cheney promised them.

Wouldn't it be grand if one of them, if pressed hard by one of the senators, would name Cheney as a co-defendant? "He said we could!"

Dream on and get your wallets out because they want even more of your dwindling financial resources.

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