Monday, September 1, 2008

John McCain Hiding in Toledo: UPDATE


It seems that McCain slept in a Toledo hotel Sunday evening then, on then way back to the airport, stopped for a photo op at a relief supply center. After disrupting their efforts, he got back into his SUV and flew out at 10:15 AM

Where, oh where, is John McCain? He's in Toledo in an undisclosed bunker. His plane landed in Toledo last evening at 9:30 and he sped to 'a hotel,' the news reported. There was no disclosure of the details of his Labor Day activities.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, is 25 miles north of Toledo at a Labor Day barbecue celebration. The secretive nature of the McCain visit reminds me all to well of Dick Cheney and his undisclosed bunker.

Of course, hurricane Gustav is spoiling the GOP convention and is a timely reminder of Katrina and 'heck-of-a-job- Brownie.' Did Brownie get some sort of tin medal from Bush like Rumsfeld's?

Then there is that photo of Bush and McCain on the morning that Katrina began to disassemble New Orleans- the one with the birthday cake. Video Surely, John McCain doesn't want to be asked by reporters today about that 'Let them eat cake' incident. Thus the bunker.

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