Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah "Annie Oakley" Palin

Sarah Palin today announced the pregnancy
of her 17 year old daughter. She is about
5 months pregnant according to the
announcement. [ABOVE: Sarah Palin teachers daughter Piper about hunting caribou]

The daughter intends to wed
the father. Palin said she told McCain
and that McCain said that offered no problem.
The reason given for making this announcement,
she said, is to knock down the liberal press
story that Palin faked her own pregnancy to
cover for the daughter.

The "Annie Oakley" nickname comes from of
all people, Andrea Mitchell. Yesterday on
Meet the Press Mitchell used the name of
Annie Oakley, that gun-totting bitch of
yesteryear, to describe Palin. I suppose
Gustav has covered that remark up, as I
have not heard any demands for an apology
or a retraction. It's a good thing that a
vice-president doesn't have much to do as
Palin will have her mom hands full just
dealing with her family.

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