Thursday, September 4, 2008

Media In Alaska

CNN reported a couple of days ago on the
"Situation Room" that a team of media people
were going to Alaska to investigate Palin.
An initial report was on tonight concerning
her flip-flop on "earmarks". She had requested
tens of millions in earmarks for 2009. Then,
MSNBC announced that it had a crew in Alaska
as well, and they were carrying this story on
the state trooper who Palin is trying to have
thrown off the force.

Of course, the McCain campaign is immediately
firing back that McCain already knew all this, and
the media is just opposed to their candidate and
trying to make her look bad. I am sure that plays
well with the neoconservative theological Republican
Party base, but I hope the other 60-70% realize the
media is only doin its job. I seem to recall the
media thoroughly vetted the Rev. Wright issue against
Obama. It also vetted his "present" votes in the
Illinois Legislature. But to thoroughly vet "Hoot"
and "Annie Oakley" is unfair and with regard to Palin
is sexist. With all this attention, it would seem
that CNN, MSNBC, and whatever other major media is
searching her record, they will try to the utmost to give
a "fair and balanced" evaluation of her past.

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