Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, He Spoke But I Didn't Learn Much

John McCain poorly read the teleprompter speech last evening, but that was not unexpected. Something about Sarah Palin's nose caught my attention. He read it as if it were a book report in front of the class with little expression; one could have easily dozed off.

The content was not much more than a rehash of everything we already know about him and his beliefs: drilling our way out of the energy crisis, God, lowering taxes [on the rich], despising regulations, hating unions, breaking-up of public schools, aggressive foreign policy, strict-interpretation Federal judges, more foreign markets, more war, soaring debt...

Nothing new. Saw all of that for the past 8 years.

I was very disappointed in him for having to tell us [again] his POW story. What a pander, what graveling. Apparently he was going after the 'poor me' voters. Pathetic at best.

So, the choice is clear: the same Bush stuff or a breath of fresh air. Open the windows, please.

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