Thursday, September 4, 2008

Senate Nears Energy Compromise

The U.S. Senate today is closer to reaching
an energy legislation deal. It would permit
more drilling on the continental shelf which
some Republicans want and provide for alternative
energy for renewed solar, wind, and other
resources. It's a $90 Billion compromise, but
will be paid for by eliminating tax breaks for
oil and gas companies. Obama spokes people are
happy with the deal because it shows bipartisanship
and pays for itself by ending tax breaks on
wealthy companies. McCain is opposed at this
moment because it is viewed as a tax increase and
Bush is already threatening a veto. A new major
supporter of the compromise is Sanunu, Rep. Senator
of N.H who needs a bill like this to try and keep
his seat in the Senate. Will be interesting if the
bill actually comes up for a vote and where McCain
will fall on this issue. What is interesting is that
this is not a Democratic trip, rather it was the
Republicans who have insisted on a drilling bill.

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