Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Snake Oil Salesman at My Door

Recently there have been numerous salesmen attempting to 'talk' with me in my living room. Salesmen- snake oil. As I flip through channels, there they are on some cable channel talk show peddling the same old ointment that I bought some eight years ago. It never worked. in fact, it made my pain worse.

Yet, there they are, day after day, trying to convince me and the rest of America that their ointment is a cure-all for the nation's woes. You'd think, wouldn't you, after being kicked out so overwhelmingly in early November, that they wouldn't have the nerve to come back so soon? And, logic would dictate, that they might try to improve their product before peddling it to the people once again.

Then again, given their early track record- enormous sales 7 or 8 years ago, all throughout America- perhaps they think that their former customers are still as dumbed-down as they were then. Who knows, maybe they are!

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