Friday, March 6, 2009

Joe the Plumber's Newest Job

He isn't a plumber and his name is Samuel, but what the hell does that matter? Samuel Wurtzelbacker, author, war correspondent, and red herring for the McCain/Palin presidential campaign now hopes to 'earn' a living through litigation proceedings.

A federal lawsuit filed Thursday by Washington-based Judicial Watch says Samuel J. Wurzelbacher suffered emotional distress, harassment and embarrassment as a result of the search of his records by three former Ohio officials. It seeks unspecified punitive damages. I bet it does.

Looks like Joe aka Sam might just make it to the $250,000 level- the tax level of which he complained to candidate Obama in October. At the time, Joe was a worker for an unlicensed plumber, now out of business. He lives with his son in his dad's house and, at the time of his encounter with Obama, owed back taxes to the state of Ohio. He apparently went through an interesting divorce and payments to a woman's shelter were included in the settlement. No doubt, these facts catapulted him to a top position as model citizen for the Republican Party.

Recall the GOP mantra- 'frivolous lawsuits?'

You betcha!

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