Wednesday, March 4, 2009

GOP Perps Blame the Rape Victims and the Doctor

It's somewhat cathartic these days to observe the death throes of the once grand old party. After years of greed, narcissism, and nauseous righteousness, today's Republican Party is a little more than a whimpering band of thugs who finally got caught. The party of the rich white man finds itself irrelevant these days with nothing to offer the citizens of this nation, after raping them for decades.

Each day another one steps up to claim that he knows what's best for this nation- the nation that suffered years of abuse, rape and neglect from his own party. Of course, as is the pattern of most perps, he blames the victim and castigates the authority of the doctor. Barack Obama, who has stepped in to stop that abuse and help heal the wounds, is pounded day after day for his efforts. The perp never accepts guilt; it's always somebody else's fault.

Where is the master perp, Phil Gramm of Texas, these days? No doubt, he's counting his money in some Swiss bank. Gramm ought to be put on TV and do a perp walk for all of America to see. He's the guy who initiated this housing credit Ponzi scheme. He's the guy who wrote the legislation to open up commercial banks- banks that were taken off the market after the the Great Depression. Gramm worked tirelessly to get his legislation passed, legislation which opened the doors to the credit failures that haunt our society and devastated our economy.

I want to see him in his orange jump suit, hands cuffed behind him, turning 360, flash cameras lighting up his droopy face. It wouldn't help us, the victims of his abuse, get our money back, but it sure would help us move on, knowing that one more perp is behind bars.

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