Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Answers" on Creation Coming Your Way

If you live in the Northwest Ohio area, and want the 'answers' to creation, be sure to mark down March 15 and 16th on your calendar. Those two days hold the answers to the questions of life on earth. An adjunct lecturer with the Institute for Creation Research and expert in the field will hold a seminar to help us understand how 'it' all happened.
Sorry, but the series won't be held at the University of Toledo nor bowling Green State University and the lecturer is not a paleontologist, biologist or biochemist. No. It is at the Monclova Road Baptist Church.

Yes, friends, everything you wanted to know about primordial matter, DNA and RNA, cell-formation, enzymes, ester-linked phospholipids, cyclic 2,3-diphosphoglycerate, and abiogenesis in general will not be heard on those days at that location.

Rather, "Answers in Genesis" will be the subject of this lecture series. Everything that you wanted to know about the science of life is contained in both of the stories of creation presented in that ancient Jewish document.
The presenter is Mike Riddle- " a dynamic and passionate speaker, with a wealth of experience in creation ministry. He already has a phenomenal reputation, and brings another exciting dimension to the AiG outreach—including his ability to produce curriculum for many levels. Mike’s a great speaker and curriculum developer.”

What more is there to say? The Answers in Genesis website has some interesting topics that the curious scientist may wish to explore such as, Are Some Mutations Directed? and What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? Also, Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe Is Old?

There you have it, amateur scientists, everything you wanted to know about creation in two exciting, science-filled days. And this about the lecturer: Mike Riddle is a former world-class athlete in the multi-event decathlon (i.e., becoming proficient in ten athletic events, with each decathlon conducted over two grueling days), it’s not surprising that Mike is also versatile in his “creation evangelism” efforts.

Finally, this piece of information to help you decide whether you'll want to attend the church series: Mike will also be holding workshops in the new AiG-USA facility (within the Creation Museum) in Northern Kentucky.

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