Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Joe the Plumber the new leader of the GOP?

Is Joe the Plumber the new leader of the GOP? asks the Christian Science Monitor, tongue in cheek. They say:

GOP stars Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal are both absent from the conference. Palin in Alaska. Jindal at Disney World (perhaps hiding celebrating his well-discussed speech on Tuesday night).

Everyone’s favorite plumber was there though. Maybe not everyone’s favorite. But make no mistake, those on the left love Joe the Plumber. In fact, Plumber (we’ve given up on calling him Wurzelbacher) may have more fans on the left than on the right.

He’s got his conservative groupies too. Notes Politico’s Andy Barr, Plumber received “rock star treatement” yesterday and apparently was mobbed by devotees.


The plumber named Joe who is neither. That's apropos for the current clutch now in charge of the GOP. An unemployed plumber named Samuel as titular head of the vacuous Republican Party- the stealth head of the stealth political party. Nice fit. Obfuscation at its best! The man behind the curtain-- don't look!

Well, the Bamboozle America Party is in quite a disarray these days and no wonder. The ruse has been exposed; the curtain has been opened by the little dog. And it was nothing more than a carnival shell game.

The Hoodwinkers of Hysteria. The Bastards of Bamboozlement. The Devilish Deceivers. Hard-nosed Hucksters.

That covey of charlatans has been exposed for all to see and they are quite the circus-cast: the bombastic and self-righteous drug addict; the non-plumber not named Joe; the abstinence-preaching mother of an unwed teen and child; the former congressman, thrice-wed.

Yes, America, the Grand Old Party lives on, hoping once again, that you don't pay too much attention to the man behnid the curtain.

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