Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Treasonous Bush Memos Uncovered

The Justice Department released nine secret legal memos from the early days of the Bush administration’s "war on terror." These memos asserted broad powers for the executive branch following the Sept. 11 attacks.

 One argues that if the president deployed the military within the United States to fight terrorists, Fourth amendment protection against warrantless searches would not apply.

Another memo concludes, "The President has since the Founding era exercised exclusive and virtually unfettered control over the disposition of enemy soldiers and agents captured in time or war."

Today's news says that Department officials may soon release more secret opinions about counter-terror tactics. Those that contain classified information will need to be cleared with other government agencies before they can be released.

Just as we suspected- trampling of the Constitution- not unlike that of despots and third world dictators. Who can argue that the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution can be waved by the Executive Branch of this government? I'd like to know how that can be justified. I want to read the argument.

The junta that took control of our government shortly after 9-11 and wrote these spurious laws knew that what they had done was unconstitutional. That's why they attempted to cover their asses with another legal memo 5 days before Obama took office, memos that rescinded these 'war' memos.

It becomes more clear with each passing day, with each newly leaked memo and story, that the Bush Administration was highly incompetent in nearly every area under its control. It had no desire to 'govern' this nation, no intent to provide due governance. These executive war powers enhancement memos are one more clear example of a group of people who were clearly unqualified for the decisions which were demanded at the time.

When one considers these memos and adds the curious events that happened at Tora Bora along with the inauthentic WMD's claim initiating the War on Iraq, it is obvious that inquiries of treason ought to proceed.

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