Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Angry Man With a Gun; Another Hostage Standoff

Has anybody been keeping track of the number of angry men in our society who grab a gun and cause mayhem? Toledo was the latest scene yesterday. Michael Swiergosz, 46, took his wife hostage in the nursing facility where she worked and kept the police at bay for 6 hours, threatening to shoot her and himself.

Thankfully, members of the Toledo Police SWAT hostage crisis unit were able to talk him into putting his gun down and releasing his terrified wife.

Ironically, Mrs. Swiergosz was under a court protection order, granted after her husband allegedly threatened her and barricaded himself for hours in his Springfield Township home last month. Last month, Lucas County sheriff’s deputies went to Mr. Swiergosz’s home, 111 Hidden Meadow Drive, on a domestic-violence call. They said he fired two shots and then barricaded himself with a gun for three hours on March 10.

Of course, a deranged man with a gun knows no boundaries. How did he get that 2nd gun? Did he walk into a gun shop and buy it, legally, even though he has a DV record? One wonders how many other guns he may have, stashed away, when he 'needs it' the next time?

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