Friday, May 1, 2009

Voices From The Past

Over the past month my former high school has
sent me two letters asking for monetary donations.
It has been 50 years since my attendance at this
private school. One letter states that the
yearly tuition is now $8200. There is a shocking
"sticker price" for one year of high school.
Moreover, over 90% of the teachers are lay teachers
and not members of the founding religious order.
In addition, one letter emphasized the fine traditions
in athletics. Academics was mentioned only in passing.

$8200...Pardon me for choking! Who, in their right
mind, will spend that much money for a 15-18 age boy
to go to school? While my parents were middle-class,
what middle-class parent has that huge amount of money
for a high school education? Obviously, the school
now exists for the elites. Education is valued in my
family, but if $8200 plus is required to send a middle
class boy to high school that system no longer is
supported. How rude of them to send letters after 50
years requesting money for the elites of Toledo.

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