Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The GOP's Club For Growth

Lots of pundits have been bashing the far-right PAC affiliated with the Republican Porty, the Club for Growth, accusing it of seeking out the most radical right-wing ideologues for positions in the party.  Those members have curdled the party, causing it to be loaded with  nasty Limbaugh-loving louts.

When Specter announced his defection from the GOP, the Club for Growth issued this acrid statement:

"Senator Specter has confirmed what we already knew - he's a liberal devoted to more spending, more bailouts, and less economic freedom. Thanks to him, Democrats will now be able to steamroll their big government agenda through the Senate.
"This also shows how unprincipled he is. Just a few weeks ago, he stated quite clearly that he was remaining a Republican because he thought he had 'a more important role to play there.' And he said 'the United States very desperately needs a two-party system.'

"This cynical play for political survival calls into question whether Pennsylvania taxpayers can believe anything Arlen Specter says. If his only principle is personal ambition, can he really be trusted with the serious issues that face our country?"

"The Club for Growth PAC enthusiastically endorsed Pat Toomey for Senate in Pennsylvania when Specter was pretending to be a Republican. Club members will be even more committed to Toomey's candidacy now that Specter has revealed his true identity."

Charming people. Their words drip icicles, their hearts stone. Welcome to today's Republican Party.

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