Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FoxNews Says NO Just Like GOP

The FoxNews network has joined the party of "No!" and is refusing to televise President Obama's speech to the nation on Wednesday evening.  The GOP Network apparently needs the money it will make by airing commercials during that otherwise 'free' air time.  Economic downturn, I suppose, but perhaps an indication of the state of the GOP at this time.

As FoxNews is essentially the mouthpiece of the GOP, and the ranks of the GOP are falling sharply, Fox has seen its share of the audience drop in the past several months.  Further, it is clear that no one who watches FoxNews regularly cares to listen to the 'socialist' president anyway.  They'd rather just hunker down to a good mindless show on the network.  Did I say, 'mindless?'  OK, I'll stop here.

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