Sunday, April 26, 2009

Old Joe Lieberman Still a Closet Republican

Surely the citizens of Connecticut will have enough sense to toss Joe Lieberman out on his ear in the next election. If not, we ought to pull the plug on that state and let it sink into the Atlantic.

Joe was on CNN's State of the Union with John king today along with his McCain-supporting pal, Lindsay Graham. Diane Feinstein held up the Democratic side of the panel. Joking Joe still feels that McCain would have made a better president than Obama; gosh, that's why he appeared at the GOP Convention. He also doesn't want any further investigation of the Bush torture memos- just like the GOP. He and Graham-still close buds- both shook their heads 'No' on any investigation of the Bush years.

Why is that, Joe? Afraid that the GOP might suffer even more embarrassment than they now must endure? Sticking up for 'your' party?

What a turncoat milquetoast he has proven to be. I'll bet he even thinks Sarah Palin would have made a great VP, too!

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