Friday, August 21, 2009

The Most Righteous and Bamboozled Christian

My comment moderation mail box lit up this morning. Usually I have one or two. Today I had seven. Six of them from THE most blessed and righteous fundamentalist christian in all of Toledo and Maumee. The person whom I asked NOT to comment on my blog time after time after time after... She is obviously in her mania state. It happens about once a month, replacing her menstrual cycle which gave out long ago.

She and they loved George Bush and Dick Cheney. George nearly 'walked on water' for them, so they voted heavily for them both in 2000 and 2004. Those one-issue fundamentalist chrisitans, of course. Abortion. Funny, how easily pimped fundamentalist christians are. THE most righteous fundamentalist in all of the Toledo [Maumee] area said on her blog that she would have voted for the pair a third time if the damned Constitution hadn't gotten in the way.

The Constitution.

Two revelations in the past two days about that old piece of paper: seems that the Bush-Cheney team didn't care all that much about the Constitution. Of course, we who have our eyes open knew that from the get-go. The pie-eyed fundamentalists may have [repeat may have] just found out something: the Bush-Cheney Administration violated the Constitution. Blink, blink. Yes, you god-fearing numskulls, Bush and Cheney violated the Constitution. Blink blink.

Assassination hit-squads and raising the terror alert level for political purposes. Either one is a violation of the Constitution. Sort of like those 'abominations' in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. But surely those are more important. Which is why it's ok to shred and trample the United States Constitution- in the minds of the dopey believers.

So, if one wants a theocracy, rather than a democracy, one ought to back up and head for one- like Saudi Arabia or Iran. The mumbo-jumbo of ancient tribal scribblings is important than the United States Constitution. Imagine that- John Lennon.

I wonder what right-wing radio is talking about today. Surely not these violation of the Constitution by their beloved Bush and Cheney. No, wouldn't want to go there- guilt feelings and all. Their dumbed-down audience doesn't give a damned about laws and the Constitution anyway. All that these miscreants worry about is their precious taxes, immigrants, blacks, guns, and the imagined intrusion of the Federal government into their meaningless lives.

Tea baggers, birthers, deathers. What a motley crew. On a rudderless sinking ship adrift on an imaginary sea in a time and place that does not exist. Pirates, to be sure!

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