Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our National Moment of Wisdom Evaporated

We Americans are a fickle lot. Fickle may not be the right word. Rather, perhaps mercurial. The only metal that is liquid. Metallic but not firm, steady like iron. I remember foolishly playing with the slippery silver stuff on the playground when some kid in my class brought a tube full from his dad's work. It shined dimes splendidly, but shattered into a thousand little pieces when dropped onto the asphalt. Unpredictable.

Americans were clearly duped by Bush and Cheney into cheering on an unnecessary war on Iraq in early 2003. Flags, yellow ribbons, patriotic music, TV screens lit up like glorious fireworks displays in what became known as Shock 'n Awe. Some of us stood on street corners warning the people not to jump into a foolish war. We were booed and spat upon.

Then came the election of 2008. Hopes rising, change on the way. A new direction for America. A young black man elected over an old war hero. Who would have believed that? Not just a win but a landslide.

The summer of 2009 has been odd, not only in terms of the weather. It is the people who are odd. What has happened to the People? Eight short months ago the nation was revelling in change and hope. Today, angry voices, nasty placards, and fear has gripped this land. Just how fickle can we be? Or rather, just how easily propagandized are our citizens?

I don't believe that I have witnessed such gullibility in our citizens since the run-up to the Bush War. Now, it returns. The People believing the fear-mongering lies once again. It is obvious that we do not learn the lessons of history. Why is that? It was just 6 years ago. Six years and the People hare victims of propaganda once more.

It is quite disheartening.

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