Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three out of Four Fox Viewers Believe the Lies

A survey came out today that showed that those who get their 'news' from Fox are much more susceptible to lies than those who watch CNN and MSNBC. Three-fourths of Fox viewers believed that the Obama plan included death panels, money for abortion, and health care for illegal immigrants. Of course, as we all know, none is true.

What is it about the Fox viewer? A psychology masters thesis or doctoral dissertation is waiting to be written on the type of person who believes that what they hear on Fox is true. Seventy-five percent believed! So does Fox lie more consistently than MSNBC and CNN? Or are those who choose Fox looking for the lies? Perhaps it is a symbiotic relationship.

Whatever it is, it is a curious and deadly combination for this democracy. Feeding the dissenters 24/7, revving them up, making them an angry lot, giving them permission to hate the President and Congress is a dicey game to play in this democracy.

Fox rakes in the advertising money and the right-wing nuts are fed. Parasitic.

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