Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Right-wing Noise Machine as Hucksters

They blather all day long on Clear Channel radio- endless anger, hate and other sordid pap. FoxNews is a bit more subtle, yet the outcome is much the same. Radio and TV outlets that give validity to the fears and hate that circulate around in the heads of their steady customers. Fox and Clear Channel are reaping billions in advertising revenue as they provide the fodder for the fools who actually believe the tripe spewed out by the radio jocks and TV personalities.

The masses must be fed. Their anger stoked. The money rolls in. Perfect!

The poor victims, though, like my brother-in-law, have no clue about the ponzi-like scheme in which they participate. No clue. They think it is a reality show. They believe what the hucksters are pitching. In fact, that is why the corporate sponsors love this audience- it will 'buy' anything. Gullibility incarnate.

If my brother-in-law hears it on the radio, it is true. Really. Absorbed like a ShamWow. I must give him some slack, though, that I will not give to younger right-wingers. As he is in his 70's, he grew up with radio news when the newsmen reported factual information. He learned to trust the radio broadcasters.

The younger group, the 20 and 30-something, on the other hand, surely must know that people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Beck and others are right-wingers just like themselves, not middle of the road, honest newsmen. Or do they?

Whatever, old or young, the radio and TV stations and the personalities are making a fortune pimping their audience with the spice, hate and emotional jargon that seems to 'satisfy' their audience. Pimps, prostitutes, and johns. A perfect match.

"Hey, mister, want to hear something about Nancy Pelosi...?"

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