Thursday, October 25, 2007

Condi Rice Plays WMD Card Again in High Stakes Poker Game

You thought they might have learned something from that last losing hand they played in 2003. Apparently not. Yesterday before the Senate, Condi Rice played the WMD card on Iran. Iran has been designated "a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction and of the elite Quds Force as a supporter of terrorism."
By the way, how much is a deck of Iraqi Most-Wanted cards going for on EBay these days?

Iraq/Iran. Do you think the American people know the difference? One little letter, that's all.

They've got all the old speeches from 4 years ago; just change the 'q' to 'n' and read them again.

I bet we'll hear 'mushroom cloud' before the end of the year. As I said before, what do these losers have left to lose with another pre-emptive attack on yet another Muslim nation?

Do you suppose, some ten to fifteen years from now, when the American electorate finally understands how they were bamboozled by this Bush Team, they will support a effort to track down and bring to justice the members of the Bush administration who fled the country and are hiding in Argentina or Bolivia?

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