Monday, October 22, 2007

Republican 'Debate' Proved Little: Bottom Feeders

The DesMoines Register led with this headline: McCain shines, but little is new in GOP debate . No kidding. And who was expecting something 'new?' After all, each man was rushing to the bottom of the bowl to prove just how conservative he is.

'New' just doesn't fit any more when I hear the word, Republican. Lord knows, most progressive Republicans were wiped out in the 2006 election. What remains are a host of bottom feeders attempting to dine on the best cadavers they can find. Like Hillary Clinton.

The Register said, "The candidates spent considerable time bashing Democrat Hillary Clinton, always a popular thing to do with GOP audiences and something that reflects the fact that many polls show her beating them.But that sort of red-meat rhetoric is pretty predictable, and while it entertains party stalwarts, it often doesn't shed much light on what these candidates would do as president."

Did they say, "it doesn't shed much light on what these candidates would do as president"?

Does that matter? When was it not important for a right-wing Republican to chew up the opponent? That's how they win. Whether they can govern is of little consequence to them and the voters, so it seems. The best shark usually wins.

Right now in Northwest Ohio there is an awful TV campaign being waged by two GOP candidates for a vacant seat in Ohio's 5th district. Each Republican is slashing and trashing the other with so much hate that the Ohio GOP has asked them to stop. They haven't. It's the only style they know.

I wonder how long the presidential contenders will be able to feast on Hillary's flesh before the voters ask, "So, tell me how you will govern if elected?"

They don't like questions like that. They enjoy the politics of personal destruction over substance.

When a Republican does attempt to ask substantive questions, he is disregarded. Take Ron Paul's statement last night and the audience reaction:

"Ron Paul won several rounds of groans from the GOP audience with his calls to get out of Iraq and for saying the state shouldn't be involved in the issue of gay marriage."


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