Sunday, October 21, 2007

GOP Fundamentalists: Enemies of the State

There is nothing as breath-taking as the screen of an IMAX theater and the surround sound accompanying the scenes.

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea takes the viewer on an undersea voyage to explore the mysterious forces which have created that other-world kingdom beneath the sea.

Students who are at all interested in oceanography, geology or marine biology will be thrilled with the scenery and the science presented in the film.

The National Science Foundation and Rutgers University were co-producers of the film.

Yet, many children and adults will not be able to view the documentary. Right-wing christian fundamentalists in some areas of America have lobbyed to have the film removed from theaters. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History decided not to show it after an audience that was given a preview of the film pronounced it “blasphemous."

Fifteen IMAX theatres in several Southern U.S. cities -- Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina --decided to not show the movie.

Imagine that: the religious police are active and working hard right here in this nation. The Taliban- American style. Our soldiers are being wounded and killed in Afghanistan as I type to help free that nation of the uber-religious Taliban zealots who want to again control the people there again.

The Quadrennial Fundamentalist Style Show just ended yesterday with the uber-religious and oh-so righteous folks ranking the GOP candidates. Of course, each candidate pandered hard to receive the coveted prize, strutting their stuff and their narrow religious tolerance like burlesque queens. The goal was to project the least-tolerant image possible.

What America cannot afford and our democracy will not sustain is another 4 years of religious Taliban-like fundamentalists running our nation. The christian-right ought to be classified as enemies of the state.

Thank goodness our wiser relatives in Europe have put the brakes on nutty fundamentalists. Read the article European lawmakers condemn efforts to teach creationism

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