Friday, October 26, 2007

Writer Blames 'No God in School' for Nation's Woes

No God in schools causes society decline is the title of a letter to the editor of The Blade this morning. He begins with a description of the recent shootings in Cleveland. I suspect the writer is a Republican and apparently doesn't know, ironically, of the GOP's pro-gun stance.

He goes on: "I submit that if you look at our schools you will see a microcosm of our society. No respect for authority, no respect for your neighbor, the removal of God from all public places, and the removal of all Judeo-Christian thought from word and deed. No prayers in school."

Gosh, if only we had statues of God on every corner... If only the children would pray....

He goes on, "I also submit that as long as our schools continue to be politically correct and submit to the Washington politicians and the ACLU, we will continue our fall from God's grace."

Politically correct? Did he say, 'politically correct?' I wonder what that means. I wish he'd comment here so that we all could better understand how being politically correct somehow has caused the demise of schools. He hates the ACLU, too. What did the ACLU have to do with schools? Integration of the races, perhaps? Surely the writer doesn't believe in separate and unequal, does he?

He ends with a warning to us all: "Shootings will continue in our schools. Our family foundation will continue to disintegrate. Greed will continue to be the bottom line for our businesses and our government in Washington will continue to fail us."

Rufus Wallace

Mr. Wallace- God has little to do with all of that. I would imagine that the gun-toters went to church just like you. I would imagine that the corporate CEO's go to church each Sunday. I know that the GOP members of Congress go to church each week, for sure.

So, Mr. Wallace, tell us how 'bringing God back to schools' will help us when we have a President, Vice-president and Secretary of Defense who lied to the citizens to begin a preemptive war that has caused tens of thousands of lives- at the end of a gun. How does God fit into this reality, Mr. Wallace?

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