Thursday, October 25, 2007

St. Bernard Dog Breed shows Effects of Evolution

Science daily published the article, St. Bernard Study Shows Human-directed Evolution At Work. Biologists at The University of Manchester say that changes to the shape of the breed’s head over the years can only be explained through human-directed evolution through selective breeding, an artificial version of natural selection.

"We discovered that features stipulated in the breed standard of the St Bernard became more exaggerated over time as breeders selected dogs that had the desired physical attributes," said Dr Klingenberg.

"In effect they have applied selection to move the evolutionary process a considerable way forward, providing a unique opportunity to observe sustained evolutionary change under known selective pressures."

I guess that one might borrow a well-known phrase and say, 'The St. Bernard was made in the likeness of man.'

Fascinating discoveries each new day brought to our attention by scientists all over the world. I love this stuff!

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