Sunday, October 21, 2007

U.S. Citizens Looking for a Cheer: GO-O-O Shia? GO-O-O Sunni?

Football frenzy is all-powerful in mid-October here in the states. Friday night it's high school, Saturday college and Sunday pro. GO TEAM! Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! Push 'em Back, Shove 'em Back!

Americans love to cheer their teams to victory. Right now in Ohio, in that other sport with the white ball, Indian fans are holding their collective breath. GO TRIBE!

Now that al-Qaeda has been summarily defeated in Iraq, Americans are hoping that our cheerleader-in-chief, George W., will lead us on to victory with another enemy d'jour.

We are confused, though, on whom we should cheer on and who we should vilify. We need the cheerleader to clarify for us.

Which 'insurgents' do we support? It sure would be nice if 'they' would wear colorful sports uniforms. How about blue for Shia and gray for Sunni? That way we could hang those sports flags from the windows of our cars. Cheers too:

Gray, gray all the way!
Go blue! Run 'em through!

So, Mr. Bush, give us a nod. Pick our enemy, and let us roar!

Of course, there seems to be one other problem that crept up last night. Headline: US raid kills 49 Iraqi 'criminals'

Have we've become the Iraq Police?

Oh, that's no fun. How can we cheer the cops?

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