Thursday, November 15, 2007

American Heads Firmly Planted in the Sand?

Apparently most folks don't want to know. They'd rather be in a state of denial than face up to the facts. The BBC has a story entitled, Understanding the climate ostrich , which says:

"Community members described fears about the severity of the situation, of not knowing what to do, fears that their way of life was in question, and concern that the government would not adequately handle the problem."

The article goes on to say, "Emotions of fear and helplessness can be managed through the use of selective attention; controlling one's exposure to information, not thinking too far into the future and focusing on something that could be done."

Mind if I change the topic to politics? To the Bush Wars? Would these 'emotions of fear and helplessness' mentioned in connection to the climate problem be the same emotions that are present in the majority of Americans as they view these wars?

Does 'helplessness' answer the question often asked, "Where are all of the citizens out in the streets protesting this stupid war?"

'Controlling one's exposure to information' might explain why my wife was asked a few days ago, "How did you know that this war was not right from the beginning?"

Are the American masses in denial and practicing avoidance as they stuff themselves with food, watch idiotic sit-coms, and go to the mall? Do we settle for 'not thinking too far into the future'? If so, we are doomed as a nation, pure and simple.

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