Thursday, November 15, 2007

Listening to the Evening News With the Book of Revelation in Hand

John Crossan said these words in an interview on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders as he was discussing his newest book, God and Empire: Jesus Against Rome, Then and Now.

He also said that Jesus would never preach 'peace through violence' and thus what this Christian foreign policy being promoted by our government is doing would never have been condoned by Jesus. The Romans did. They won the battle and then talked peace.

"Perhaps the wrong Jesus was revealed," Crossan said. "He preached peace and entered Jerusalem on a donkey. What did that say to the Romans who were in control of the city?"
To hear the 55 minute interview, click this site.

The vengeful God of the old testament would have better fit the U.S. foreign policy. The God who smote his enemies sounds like the mascot for the Bush-Cheney preemption policy. Revelations is again filled with this justice-serving power through killing all of the infidel, non-believers.

Between the first books and this last book of the Bible is the story of Jesus the pacifist- turn the other cheek. Blessed are the peacemakers. My peace I leave with you. Love one another.

As I hear the GOP candidates dripping with war-talk I wonder if they, too, had wished for another Jesus to model: a strong one, a smiting one. That way, when they claim to be oh-so 'christian' they too could also argue preemptive invasions of other nations, bringing democracy at the end of a gun.

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