Monday, November 12, 2007

The Coup at Home: Let's Begin Ours

Frank Rich of the NYT wrote an op ed on Sunday with the title, The Coup at Home. Remarking on how the Taliban and al-Qaeda have grown ever-stronger in Pakistan because Musharraf has bungled his job, he says:

"It also casts a harsh light on the mess we have at home in America, a stain that will not be so easily eradicated. In the six years of compromising our principles since 9/11, our democracy has so steadily been defined down that it now can resemble the supposedly aspiring democracies we’ve propped up in places like Islamabad. Time has taken its toll. We’ve become inured to democracy-lite. That’s why a Mukasey can be elevated to power with bipartisan support and we barely shrug. "

Rich talks of how the Executive Branch [read Bush and Cheney] has grown to become more and more powerful, thus the title of his opinion piece.

Rather, I have been preaching for months now that the American citizens need to organize a coup against this branch of government and turn it back to people who will follow the mandates and limitations of the Constitution.

Congress and the gutless Democrats won't begin impeachment because, after all, 'they have only 14 more months in office.' Right! Fourteen months to bomb Iran and where ever else these fascist neocons desire to do.

Toss the bumbs out of office quickly- with the first American Coup!

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