Monday, November 12, 2007

Christian Fundamentalists Still a Key to Ohio in '08

The Akron Beacon Journal has a story about a recent survey done with the voters of Ohio and finds this alarming piece of data: "President Bush and his military policies remain unpopular among Ohio voters, but they aren't ready to abandon Republicans in next year's presidential election, a poll released Sunday found."

Then there is this finding: "Ohioans remain divided on the issues that likely will be of importance in next year's election, when the state is expected to again play a crucial role in determining the winner. The state gave Bush the electoral boost he needed to win a second term. He won the state by just 118,000 votes out of more than 5.5 million cast."

It is to be noted that Christian Fundamentalists were key to the Bush victory in Ohio in 2004. They were highly organized, got their message out, and their people got to the polls in great numbers. It is also to be noted that there were Republican shenanigans then and now aimed at people of color, traditionally Democratic voters, attempting to disenfranchise their vote.

Both of these factors, disenfranchisement and a strong, solid GOP-fundamentalist bloc of voters will be crucial to the outcome of the presidential election one year from now.

Here's the issue: Even though Ohio voters oppose the war, they trust the Republicans to better prevent terrorism than Democrats. Terrorism. Scare-tactics. The GOP are masters of this and the citizens must be on alert. Preemption, used by the neocons to invade Iraq, ought to be used to disquiet the fear mongering that surely will be a large part of the GOP message to Ohioans.

Wake up Chris Redfern: if you don't want Ohio to become a GOP trifecta, get the message out now. Preemption. Take steps to prevent disenfranchisement of inner city voters. Do your job, Mr. Redfern and, if you can't handle it, move over.

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