Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is 'Christian' Pet Burial Kosher?

For a few hundred dollars, your pet can be buried in this 'christian' casket. Funeral services for your dog or cat are available in Carmel Indiana for the grieving 'family.'

Pet funeral homes have to be as absurd as any society-gone-wrong can be, but that's where our nation has gone.

"Honoring deceased pets and people is similar in many ways. The 1,200-square-foot memorial center, located outside of Indianapolis, offers a full line of caskets, urns and memorial items.
The lowest priced package starts at $230 (for a dog up to 25 pounds) and includes pick-up, cremation and urn, as well as a keepsake paw print and tuft of fur.
About 15 funerals have been held at the center."

Let's open our history books, boys and girls, to where we left off. Recall that we were discussing the opulent lives of the Romans...

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