Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Last 7 Presidents Promised Energy Independence

...but foreign imports increased every year of their terms in office. What a farce. And we Americans just nod and ask where the clicker is. Gas is $3.19 in Toledo, yet there are no protests, no letters to the editor about it. We just go on filling our tanks like mindless robots.

A company called, Recycled Energy Development, has been attempting to sell and install a product called Turbosteam. Turbosteam is a retro-fitted devise attached to the smokestacks [heat releaser] of factories and businesses 'to profitably reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by converting waste energy into electric power. Turbosteam achieves this mission by designing, building and installing on-site power plants in industrial and institutional facilities around the world.'

The concept is fairly obvious: the 'waste' heat produced by business and industry is used to drive electric generators that sit atop the heat stacks and thus produce 'free' electricity for that establishment or which can be sold back to the electric company.

The company touts three benefits:

• Manufacturers—reduce energy costs, increase power reliability, and obtain additional revenue from emission credits.

• Investors—enjoy above-market returns, with the diversity and liquidity of conventional private equity.

•Society—benefits from reduced manufacturing costs, fossil-fuel usage, grid vulnerability, and greenhouse-gas emissions.

The question arises: so why did I not know about this back in 1987 when this company began its production of this product?

I suspect the American Petroleum Institute along with their co-conspirator the American Coal Association has been working very hard to suppress this information. After all, think of the profits they would lose were this product in use across America.

Profit above the common good.

Profit above the environment.

Profit above national safety.

No doubt, these profits are being tabulated by good standing members of the GOP.

National security- the hallmark of Bush, Cheney and Rice- all former executives of the oil industry.

I get it. Just another ruse, another smoke and mirror magic trick played on the unsuspecting American citizen.

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