Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ill-informed New Jersey Fundamentalists Help Defeat Stem-cell Research

The voters of New Jersey two weeks ago rejected an initiative of Governor Corzine that would have permitted the state to borrow $450 million for stem cell research. "Supporters had argued that the borrowing would help pay for research that could help deliver New Jersey from financial distress by bringing additional tax revenue and tens of thousands of jobs to the state," says a NYT article on the loss.

Further in the article we read this:

"Though recent polls had indicated that the initiative would pass easily, a coalition of conservatives, anti-abortion activists and the Catholic church conducted a last-minute advertising blitz against it."

There you go. The so-called right-to-lifers again ignorantly influencing the voters to reject anything with the heretical term, 'stem cell' in it. What fools they are.

That is what we face here in Ohio and across this nation: ignorant voters being conned into voting a certain way by clever and devious half-truths planted by the religious police, aka fundamentalists. They depend on a bevy of lock-step voters to keep their ancient values current in our society. Just the term, stem cell research, will scare a whole group of voters to vote against it and the candidate who embraces the concept.

Keep 'em dumb. That's the fundamentalist tactic, and it has been working in election after election.

The fundies don't want the folks to know about a new form of stem cell NOT derived from embryos. Keep them ignorant of the new [2006] discovery by Professor Yamanaya of Tokyo University who clones stem cells from adult skin cells. Yes, skin cells. Check the article.

Rather, the smooth-talking fundies want the American voters to think 'embryo' when they hear the term stem cell. They have an agenda and 'stem cell' is a vital part of the package.

Will they bamboozle the voters in '08 with their nonsense? You bet they'll try very hard. After all, their quiver is becoming awfully empty of late.

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