Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Billions, Trillions, Zillions

It's the economy, George! That's the 'terror' we face. No it wasn't Saddam and it isn't Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It's YOU, Mr. Bush. Just think, while you were scaring us to death over WMD's, mushroom clouds, and links to al-Qaeda, the bottom fell out of our economy. Gosh, who coulda known, right?

World markets plunged yesterday and the DOW futures this morning [7:50 EST] are down 500. Bank of America and Wachovia both announce tremendous losses this early morning, but you want us to focus on Iranian speedboats. What a sap we are for listening to you and Dick.

Will the dumbed-down American electorate finally begin to laugh with the rest of us who 'got it' many years ago? The joke about the Emperor with no clothes? Will they at last understand what a complete fraud they twice elected? Will they be more careful this November?

Or will they be bamboozled once more by the check that's in the mail and go back to sleep?

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