Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hey Nancy Pelosi: Why All of the Secrecy?

Nancy Pelosi is behind guarded closed doors making a deal with the Bush Administration about a give-away stimulus for the American people. Why weren't these meetings out in the open, Ms. Pelosi? Why did you and Harry Reid close the doors to the people of America as you work on a 'deal' to bail out our sagging economy?

Closed doors send red flags my way! What would happen if these dealings were broadcast live on C-Span or CNN? Would we see something that many of us already suspect: complicity in action? Would the citizens see that neither you nor Mr. Reid are too much different than the Bush Administration in who will receive the biggest share of the give-away?

I suspect foul play and why shouldn't I? There has been a subtle conspiracy ever since the Democrats became the majority. A conspiracy that seems to always favor the upper classes at the expense of the middle an low income folks here in America.

Secrecy is what we expected under Stalin and Saddam, but not here in America.

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