Friday, January 25, 2008

What a Great Freakin' War!

What a Great Freakin' War! is the latest post from David Michael Green of the Regressive Antidote. I saw not only William [Neocon] Kristol's op ed but also John [Neocon] Podhoretz's op ed in another paper- he, too, praising the Bush War as a grand and successful adventure. No doubt, Mr. Bush will award these two with that tin Metal of Freedom award that he also gave to Rumsfeld and Michael [Katrina] Brown.

The sad thing about these two deceivers is that only we who are paying attention know that this is pure deceptive propaganda. The run-of-the-mill, inattentive American will read the glorious spin from these two architects of the war and actually believe them.

That's why I am very worried about this November's election: the American people have shown time and again that they are easily duped, easily bamboozled.

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