Wednesday, January 23, 2008

George W Bush, White House told 935 lies after September 11

This is the headline from the Australian news site, Our 'good allies' the Aussies who followed Bush like a Blair poodle into Iraq, must be wondering today how they could have been so dumb. Of course it wasn't the Australian man in the street nor the British man in the street who kissed Bush's behind, it was Blair and Howard who sent their armies to quixotically fight those evasive windmills and search for those elusive WMD's.

Imagine that, 935 lies told over and over again. The top three, as if we who pay attention didn't know were: WMD's, Saddam's connection to 9-11, and the mushroom cloud. Bush himself garnered over 200 of the lies. Each lie is now documented in as searchable data base. Visit the Center for Public Integrity to see the data.

Here's the worst part of this revelation: impeachment of Bush, Cheney, and any of their minions will never occur. They will skate through the next 360 days in office and leave in high style, waving to the crowds. As if this never happened.

When that happens, our democracy will have begun its demise, its slide to imperialism, and then it will be too late. Too late to attempt to the next president to the truth, to the principles outlined in the Constitution. We may as well burn that document, because its rules and laws will have become meaningless.

Don't give me that, 'They only have less than a year" nonsense! They were liars and lied us into a war. That is high crimes and misdemeanors, pure and simple.

If this Congress does not impeach them, then we ought just close down the Capitol and establish a dictatorship. At least we'll not be surprised by their actions.

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