Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why No Apologies?

They voted for Bush/Cheney twice but they won't say that they are sorry for their lack of judgment. We might forgive their vote in 2000, but clearly not their 2004 vote. By November 2004 it was clear to all of us who were paying attention that Bush and Cheney's War on Iraq was a farce, an unnecessary incursion into a foreign nation based on lies and cherry-picket data. But many Americans voted for them yet again.

I can proudly say that it never crossed my mind to vote for those two ever! I saw right through that cowboy veneer and slick frat-boy style back in 2000. What did the other people see in Bush? Gore was a former senator and a sitting Vice-President for 8 years, but they chose the ne'erdowell part-time governor of Texas to lead this nation.

And they did it all over again after watching him prove his incompetence and bungling for 4 solid years. Today Bush's ratings hover around 30% at best. That's 70% negative. Where were these people on November 5, 2004? Why did they go into the voting booth and check Bush/Cheney knowing what a mess these two had made of our nation and our standing in the world? What were they thinking?

What about an apology? I'd like to hear a heart-felt apology from a 'double' Bush supporter. Something like, "I'm truly sorry for being so reckless in having voted the Bush/Cheney ticket twice." Odd, though, I've never heard those words.

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