Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Impeach Cheney Website

Congressman Robert Wexler [D. Fl] is aggressively encouraging his fellow members of the House of Representatives and the American public to begin impeachment hearings against Dick Cheney. This website created by Wexler contains a bevy of resources to identify the impeachable offenses as well as how the American citizen can become involved in this movement.

As of today, 212,000 citizens have signed up for that process and information on the progress of the process. Wexler has written letter to the members of the House in which he makes the case for impeachment. That letter can be read on this site.

Wexler raises these points that, in his judgment, rise to 'high crimes and misdemeanors:'

"We have an obligation to ask questions -- to determine whether in fact the Vice President purposefully manipulated intelligence, bringing us into war; ...whether he knowingly ordered the illegal use of torture; ...whether he knowingly exposed covert agents for political purposes; ...whether he obstructed federal investigations. "

For the few of us who have been paying attention, the answers to all of these questions are: YES, YES, YES, YES. For most Americans, sadly, they may shrug and say, 'I dunno.' No doubt many voted for the man, twice.

If the House of Representatives cannot muster enough votes, even when they were able to against the sex lies of Bill Clinton, then our country is doomed to go down as one more failed experiment.

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