Monday, January 28, 2008

Cutting Taxes and Other GOP Nonsense

"I'll cut your taxes..." is the typical pap pouring for the lips of every Republican candidate save Ron Paul. "We've got to make the tax cuts permanent!" hollers one of the lot. "We need to cut business and corporate taxes" says another. It seems that these Republicans never saw a tax that they didn't want to cut.

Of course, the alternate to taxing citizens is to borrow money from another nation. Reminds me of a teenager with his parent's credit card: buy now, pay later. When do we pay later? And, to whom? How many trillion dollars do we owe now?

The GOP loves the phrase, 'Tax and spend liberals.' They will gladly smear any Democrat with it. Economics 101 might agree with tax and spend rather than borrow and spend. One is adult, the other adolescent.

The other odd thing about these Republican candidates [except Ron Paul] is that while they are cutting business and personal taxes, they are spending wildly on the Bush War on Iraq. How does John McCain, for example, keep a straight face when he talks about cutting taxes and fighting the war 'and more wars, my friend'? Giuliani touts his fiscal leadership in NYC, yet he, too wants to fight the war and cut taxes. Do the audiences just bobble their heads in agreement like robots without thinking of the consequences of 'borrow and spend?'

When was the last war waged without increased spending? No doubt in the SOU address we'll hear about how Bush wants Congress to make his tax cuts permanent. The foolish American citizens will nod in approval thinking that this will somehow benefit them when the sad reality is twofold: those cuts are not for the average American at all, but rather for the top tier Americans and for corporations. Secondly, by not taxing and not cutting spending, especially on the very costly war, the financial stability of this nation is being eroded, just like those beaches during a hurricane.

Watch the markets today. Both Asia and Europe tumbled. They know what is going on here in America. They know that our borrow and spend economy has met its fate. But the politicians keep right on cutting the taxes to get elected. What fools we are!

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