Saturday, February 2, 2008

Christian-Snagging by the GOP

I've been trying to figure out why the majority of folks who claim the Republican Party as their own are overwhelmingly Christians. Each of the 8 or so GOP presidential candidates had to run the religious gauntlet on FoxNew's first debate in order to continue forward. Huckabee is 'the Christian candidate.' Romney's 'christianity' is still in doubt.

Here's the important question: is the cart pulling the elephant or vice versa? Rather, is one attracted to the GOP because it embodies the teachings of Jesus? Or, is the Christian snagged by the GOP because they are such believers? Ah, there's the question that begs an answer.

Those of us who have been paying attention to this process have posted many articles and news stories during this administration that point out the evil policies and practices of the Bush administration, from preemptive war to torture to lies. Additionally, we have shed light on generous tax breaks for corporations as well as carte blanche for the military- all at the expense of the low and middle class citizens. We have pointed out the trampling of the Constitution as the Bush administration has become an imperial presidency, blatantly ignoring Congress, issuing many executive orders, thwarting the legislative duties of Congress.

The many GOP politicians and loyalists who have been arrested, tried, and jailed is a long list, including Duke Cunningham, Scooter Libby and Jack Abrahamoff. Lies and cover-up have plagued this administration like no other in modern American history.

It is not the shining city upon the hill. Rather, it is a dark, corrupt and deceitful embodiment of all that is wrong with politics. There is no doubt about that.

Therefore, the attraction, the draw of the GOP is hardly because it is Christian-esque. Rather, its policies and practices are closer to the Devil himself.

So, then, why are there so many Christians in the GOP? I have a theory, not supported by masses of data, but rather only by some data, yet enough to convince me of this: the GOP snags many Christians into its tent BECAUSE they are such believers. Let me restate this: because so many Christians [most specifically, evangelical and fundamentalist Christians] BELIEVE, they are easy targets of the GOP.

It's akin to those elderly folks in our society who are easily scammed by telemarketers: they are such a trusting group of people that they can be easily talked into most anything that the marketer is selling. Elderly Catholic women are especially vulnerable to begging letters from 'missions.' My dear mother received many each day from all over the world. I still receive some of her mail although she has been dead for 7 years.

Easily duped. A brain that is easily molded, easily propagandized, ready for 'the message.' My theory contends that the brains of these Christians have, over the years, accepted a whole truckload of beliefs fed to them by their church and, as a result, are ripe for more faith. The GOP has found them. They did not find the GOP.

Have you encountered those who we may describe as bible-thumpers? They are characterized by a belief that every last word of that book is pure truth, even though much of it stretches the imagination of even the most creative story tellers. Their belief is so great tht they cam even believe the ugly massacres and murders of the innocent, entire villages were being wiped out by God's message. Even the cattle and the vineyards and trees did not survive. If this is believed, it is an easy pathway to politics.

These believers are a sponge, willing to soak up whatever the charlatan has to offer. Enter the politician, the master shyster. The GOP is the master of propaganda as evidenced by its most adept, Karl Rove. How does the GOP snag the Christian? Clearlt, not by its policy of preemptive war and building up a mighty military machine. Not by promoting corporate interests over the interests of the citizens. Not by cutting back on programs for the poor and downcast. No, all of this is overlooked, hidden, out of sight. Rather, the lure, the hook, the bait is abortion. Period.

My mother was blindsided by abortion; lots of elderly Catholics are as well. Democrats are cast as baby killers and that is the end of the discussion. Case closed, sale made.

Last evening on PBS's NOW program, host David Branchicio visited several families in the Chicago area who are facing foreclosure of their homes. [video] One family was packing up during the interview as their house was on the auction block. The husband had run up many medical bills and was now out of work, his illness causing him not to be effective. The mother's job could not pay the mortgage and they were in foreclosure. "May I ask you how you voted in the last election?" asked Bancachio. "George Bush,"they answered, "we are Republicans, because we're Christians and don't believe in abortion."

Bamboozled by the GOP. Victims of hucksters. The lives of a family of five ruined because they 'believed' that the GOP and the policies of the Bush administration were 'Christian.' Folks so brainwashed that they would sacrifice their economic livelihood, their entire way of life, for an illusionary belief that the GOP best represented the teachings of Jesus Christ. By the way, the family intends to vote for Huckabee in Tuesday's primary.

All but one of the people in the Chicago area on this program voted for George Bush in 2000 and 2004. Although one might forgive the 2000 vote, clearly there was a massive amount of evidence of the lies of this administration as well as evidence of unequal economic priorities, give-aways to corporate and military interests at the expense of the middle class citizen before the 2004 election. Yet, they voted for more of the same and that is exactly what they got.

Now they are willing to do it all again. Brainwashing apparently is long-lasting- so hopes the Republican Party.

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